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Simple Security

The first and maybe one of the most important thigns you can do for yourself is signing up for a Life Lock account. Like, right now. Unfortunately it's a necessary evil at this point. For as low as $19.99/mo this is by far the cheapest thing you can do to bring yourself the most amount of security.

life lock

Life Lock

Personal Secured Server

Using a Raspberry Pi, ArkOS, you can become your own server. Hosting websites, files, email and more. Just plug it into your router. Web magic.

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Securing Your  Digital Assets ]

After you have your identity secured it's time to start locking up your digital assets; pictures, emails, medical records, personal files. Thankfully there are a lot of simple solutions and services that can fill in most of the gaps.

Despite what your politicians will tell you, encryption, all kinds, protects everyone. More encyrption is a good thing. It's how banks move your money back and forth. How the hospital stops your medical records from being stolen. How Google and Apple protect your communication with loved ones.